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Why replace when you can rebuild?

New plant can blow your budget. 10's of 1000's of dollars could be wasted with new inferior equipment...

Why not try rebuilding the old solid equipment you already have?

We specialise in rebuilding what seems to be irreparable plant and retro-fit systems that are considered long past their due date.

It's cost effective and the new life created could see the equipment last longer than a new install. 

AC1 created the impossible with the above pumps, and saved the customer excess of $50,000

Our experience will set you in the right direction, contact us for an onsite appraisal.

AC1 Shopping Centre Retro-fit 2016

Compressor, Air Conditioning, Refrigeraton, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Air Con, AC

Approximately $80,000 was saved on this retro-fit. The pre-existing compressor was superseded, AC1 resourced the newer hermetic replacement.

The compressor and piping ensemble were retro-fited, the task was a complete success.

AC1 Club Retro-fit 2016

We can rebuild large scale electric motors and pumps!

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